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When the Vancouver Island earthquake of Sept. 9, 2011 happened, I got curious about other sizable quakes on the island that I hadn’t already looked up. I found out about a large quake on December 6, 1918, and looked up some coverage of it:

The report, in the Seattle Times, added that “the earthquake appears to have taken a northwesterly to southeasterly direction, as it was reported at Estevan at 12:40 [a.m.]; here [Victoria] two minutes later and at Vancouver at 12:45.”

Wireless operators said the quake “was particularly bad on the West Coast of Vancouver Island where in some cases sleepers were shaken out of their beds.”

Another quake happened early on December 4, 1926:

And finally, the third in three days woke up people in Victoria on February 22, 1952:

By the way, shortly before the 9/9/11 quake I started a Twitter account to keep track of new B.C. quakes.


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